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Youth Art For Healing provides opportunities for students to create healing art for people experiencing very challenging times. Students learn about the nature of healing art, the power of art to heal, how to follow guidelines for healing art, the role of the arts in healthcare, and the value of building and strengthening community connections and spirit. While sharing their talent, time and creativity in the spirit of giving and healing, students become empowered with the knowledge that their art can inspire, comfort and heal…and they can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Benefits to Patients and Loved Ones

Works of art created by students through Youth Art For Healing promote a positive healing environment for patients and their loved ones. Research indicates that bringing the arts into healthcare settings benefits patients by:

  • supporting their physical, mental and emotional recovery leading to an improvement in their overall health

  • reducing stress, loneliness, anxiety, perception of pain, use of pain medication, and length of hospitalization

  • improving treatment compliance and quality of care.

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Benefits to Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

Youth Art For Healing aims to provide inspiration, comfort and healing for healthcare professionals who care for patients and their loved ones. Evidence shows that including the arts in healthcare environments benefits staff by reducing stress, improving job satisfaction and staff retention, increasing effectiveness in providing patient care, and providing a safer and more supportive environment.

Works of healing art created by youth make the walls come alive and transform spaces in healthcare environments. Studies reveal a substantial savings in healthcare costs with the integration of the arts – there is a reduction in patients’ use of pain medication, an improvement in treatment compliance leading to fewer complications, and shortened length of hospital stays.

Benefits to Communities

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Youth Art For Healing builds and strengthens relationships between healthcare organizations and local schools, while nurturing community spirit and connections between students, parents, art teachers, school staff, patients and their loved ones, healthcare staff and administrators, local business partners, sponsors and charitable supporters.

Research referenced from: State of the Field Committee, State of the Field Report: Arts in Healthcare 2009. (Washington, DC: Society for the Arts in Healthcare, 2009).

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