Youth Art For Healing partners and works closely with healthcare organizations and schools, and nurtures the creativity and empathy of students who create healing works of art for permanent installations in healthcare environments.


Phase I

  1. Youth Art For Healing partners with healthcare organizations to select artwork locations and brainstorm content, measurements, themes and the total number of works of art.

  2. Project lists of artworks are developed in collaboration with our healthcare partners. After projects are reviewed and approved by our healthcare partners, an agreement is signed.

  3. YAFH distributes project lists to art coordinators in school districts in the Washington Metropolitan Area.


  1. Art teachers contact YAFH with interest in participating with their students in our program.

  2. Projects are assigned to art teachers in September for completion by their students in March.

  3. A Presentation provided by YAFH for art teachers and their students, covers the following:

    • Youth Art For Healing’s mission

    • The nature of healing art

    • Power of art to inspire, comfort and heal

    • The healthcare organizations requesting works of art

    • Benefits of bringing the arts into healthcare environments

    • Project details (healthcare location, medium, theme, content, measurements and total number of artworks).

  4. YAFH provides students with canvases, brushes, and paints (for some schools, these resources are rare).

  5. YAFH Art Advisors oversee and critique sketches and works of art to expand students' artistic development and enhance the final product, encourage compassion and empathy, and promote community giving.

  6. Students complete their works of art and provide artist statements about the meaning and inspiration behind their art and how this experience has made a difference in their lives.


  1. An Art Show is hosted by YAFH for students, families, art teachers, school staff, YAFH partners, donors and supporters to view the works of art and celebrate the students.

  2. The students’ works of art are promoted through media and other social media platforms.

  3. YAFH delivers the students' works of art to our healthcare partners and assists with installation.

  4. YAFH depends on the generosity of individuals, charitable organizations, government agencies, and corporations to accomplish its mission.

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