Teacher Spotlight: Kara Stanton


School: Richard Montgomery High School

Hometown: Bethesda

How did you first learn about Youth Art For Healing? From my school when another teacher was working on a mosaic.

Why did you choose to have your students participate in our program? Many of the talented students in the NAHS wanted to participate so they submitted their drawings and we had the drawings selected by The art adviser Carol Berman. Then they worked on their paintings for several hours of several weeks and had critiques and worked on making them the best they could. I am so happy and proud of the wonderful pieces they created!

What are some of the memorable responses you got when you first told your students about this YAFH project? All were happy to participate and do whatever they could to help patients feel better and get the great opportunity to share their work with others.

What have your students valued most about this experience? So many students have enjoyed this experience getting their first or one of their first paintings to inspire them to create more works from their experience with Youth Art For Healing!