Project Spotlight: Charles H. Flowers High School

Students at Charles H. Flowers High School were inspired when creating their Youth Art For Healing 2015-2016 project. 12 students created 17 paintings for installation in reception areas, hallways and conference rooms in the Family Health and Wellness Center at Prince George's Hospital Center. Here's what art department faculty had to say about the process upon completion:

"When the idea of Youth Art For Healing was presented to us, we thought it was a great opportunity to involve ourselves in the community. We never could have imagined how much our students could get from this process or the impact it would have on them throughout the school year."

"Creating these paintings started like any school project - brainstorming and discussing concepts..Once students reached the point of actually painting, everyone froze!...they were creating paintings with a purpose. They felt scared to make a mistake, but excited about what their paintings could be. With encouragement from their peers and staff, slowly paintings started to take shape...They had group discussions about how the paintings would make them feel if they were in the office viewing it...They learned about composition, color theory, painting techniques, and working with a client...They used multiple strategies to deal with their frustrations, and they were able to move forward step by step to reach their goals. This is an experience they will carry with them for many years to come." 

And here's a glimpse at some of the students' completed paintings: