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2016 - 2017 Partners

We are so fortunate to have our school and healthcare partners for the 2016-17 school year. We are creating a total of 155 paintings for four healthcare locations this year. 

Children’s National Health System

Total of 18 Paintings

Wheaton High School


MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Total of 37 Paintings

Project 1 — Walt Whitman High School

Project 2 — Montgomery Blair High School

Project 3  — Richard Montgomery High School


MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

Total of 55 Paintings

Project 1 — Albert Einstein High School

Project 2 — The School Without Walls 

                — Watkins Mill High School

Project 3 — Winston Churchill High School


Dimensions Healthcare System

Total of 45 Paintings

Project 1 — Northwestern High School

                — Charles H. Flowers High School

                — Montpelier Elementary School

Project 2  — Northwestern High School

                — Suitland Elementary School

Project Spotlight: Garrett Park Elementary School

Painting calm nature scenes, landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife, 35 Garrett Park Elementary School students enjoyed participating in  their 2015 - 2016 Youth Art For Healing project. The final pieces brighten up west hallways at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital. See the student's sketches below.

Project Spotlight: Charles H. Flowers High School

Students at Charles H. Flowers High School were inspired when creating their Youth Art For Healing 2015-2016 project. 12 students created 17 paintings for installation in reception areas, hallways and conference rooms in the Family Health and Wellness Center at Prince George's Hospital Center. Here's what art department faculty had to say about the process upon completion:

"When the idea of Youth Art For Healing was presented to us, we thought it was a great opportunity to involve ourselves in the community. We never could have imagined how much our students could get from this process or the impact it would have on them throughout the school year."

"Creating these paintings started like any school project - brainstorming and discussing concepts..Once students reached the point of actually painting, everyone froze!...they were creating paintings with a purpose. They felt scared to make a mistake, but excited about what their paintings could be. With encouragement from their peers and staff, slowly paintings started to take shape...They had group discussions about how the paintings would make them feel if they were in the office viewing it...They learned about composition, color theory, painting techniques, and working with a client...They used multiple strategies to deal with their frustrations, and they were able to move forward step by step to reach their goals. This is an experience they will carry with them for many years to come." 

And here's a glimpse at some of the students' completed paintings:

Project Spotlight: Damascus High School

12 students from Damascus High School created soothing park, nature trail and garden scenes through their 2015-2016 Youth Art For Healing project. These 12 paintings are now providing comfort in hallways and 3rd floor atriums at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital. Here's what Damascus Art teacher Gretchen Goldsmith says about the program:

"Youth Art For Healing (YAFH) has won me over, heart, body & soul as an Art Educator & Artist because during YAFH projects, we are dedicated to creating art as a vehicle for positive change, happiness and wellbeing for all involved parties. I readily see a marked change within myself and my students through our participation with YAFH projects. Our shared time together, many late afternoons in most cases, lends itself to special, personal conversations and at times silliness which gives birth to new inter-personal relationships based on our shared YAFH experiences. YAFH opportunities are so dearly loved by students, they begin asking in August for our next assignment."

See students and their completed pieces, ready for delivery to MedStar NRH for installation.

Project Spotlight: Ballou High School

Eight Creative students from Ballou High School painted 10 different nature and scenes, featuring rainforests and colorful birds. These uplifting paintings are installed at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, in the Cardiac ICU and Surgery Waiting Room and Neurology  ICU & Surgery Waiting Room.

Project Spotlight: Richard Montgomery High School

19 hardworking students from Richard Montgomery High School created uplifting landscape, flower garden and wildlife paintings as part of their school's 2015-2016 Youth Art For Healing project. The paintings will be installed in ICU hallways and patient rooms at Suburban Hospital.

Project Spotlight: Carderock Springs Elementary School

19 students at Carderock Springs Elementary School created 12 inspiring nature scenes, land and waterscapes. These pieces will be installed at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital.


Project Spotlight: Albert Einstein High School

This year, art students at Albert Einstein High School worked on two Youth Art For Healing projects. 22 students created 12 fruit and vegetable paintings to brighten MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital’sdining room. And 22 students created five sunflower and meadow scenes for Suburban Hospital’s waiting room. #ArtHeals#ArtsinHealthcare#YAFHStudentArt

2015-2016 Partners

Healthcare Facilities:

  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital - Olney Campus Outpatient Clinic
  • Walter Reed Fisher House at Forest Glen Annex
  • Suburban Hospital
  • MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
  • MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
  • Children’s National Health System
  • Prince George’s Hospital Center
  • Doctors Community Hospital

Montgomery County Public Schools:

  • Albert Einstein High School
  • Carderock Springs Elementary School
  • Damascus High School
  • Garrett Park Elementary School
  • Montgomery Blair High School
  • Parkland Middle School
  • Poolesville High School
  • Richard Montgomery High School
  • Rosa Parks Middle School
  • Walt Whitman High School
  • Watkins Mill High School
  • Wheaton High School
  • Winston Churchill High School

Prince George’s County Public Schools:

  • Charles Herbert Flowers High School
  • Gwynn Park High School
  • Northwestern High School
  • Oxon Hill High School

DC Public Schools:

  • Ballou High School
  • The School Without Walls

New Projects For 2015

We are thrilled to be partnering with some phenomenal healthcare facilities and schools within the area for the upcoming year. We cannot wait to bring our students artwork to their walls and share with all of you the joys of our hard work. Throughout this process we will be brining you stories, photos, videos, and updates from our students, hospital workers, and patients. Thank you all for helping make 2015 the beginning to an incredible year.

Following is the list of 2014-15 YAFH projects, with healthcare facilities and participating schools:

Holy Cross Hospital Pediatric Center Project 1 — Cannon Road Elementary School Project 2 — Rosa Parks Middle School Project 3 — Garrett Park Elementary School

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center Project 1 — Richard Montgomery High School / Damascus High School Project 2 — Sligo Middle School Project 3 — Richard Montgomery High School Project 4 — Neelsville Middle School Project 5 — Northwest High School Project 6 — Montgomery Blair High School Project 7 — Montgomery Blair High School

Andrews Air Force Base Fisher House Walt Whitman High School

National Rehabilitation Hospital Project 1 — Wilson High School Project 2 — Eastern High School Project 3 — Phelps High School

Georgetown University Hospital Transplant Institute Montgomery Blair High School